me: *points at cosima and delphine* love those bisexuals

part of clone club: *wailing in distance* no they’re huge lesbians…homosexual crazy science…gay puppies…why can’t you be happy they’re homogay…either of them with men would be gross!!1!

me: *points at cosima and delphine again* bisexuals

*points at you, a dumbass* love that homophobia 

exfuckingcuse me? for the 9530th time, Cosima is canonically bisexual, as stated by the writers and Tatiana. Delphine is undefined, but before she makes a move on Cosima, she admits to “considering bisexuality” for herself after initially hesitating, implying that she’s never had feelings for a woman prior to Cosima.

More importantly, jesus christ, calling out biphobia and bi erasure is not an act of homophobia. Bisexual representation and lesbian representation are two different things. Just because Cosima and Delphine are dating each other, it’s not lesbophobic to ask that their orientation be respected and recognized. Bisexuality doesn’t disappear or become irrelevant when you enter a relationship with a woman.

And for the record, I’m a smartass, not a dumbass.